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plus, we can add designs for almost any company!

  • Work from Home

    Generate real-time work from home leads from multiple pages.

  • Earn a Fortune

    These pages are responsive and get right to the point.

  • Live Your Dreams

    Beautiful settings in this entire high-converting series of pages.

  • Lose Weight Now

    Always a hot topic, so if your selling weight loss, we've got you covered.

  • Work from Beach

    This popular set of pages gets people in the vacation mood.

  • Health & Wellness

    Need a sporty, healthy family? Check, many pages are available for you.

  • Skincare & Anti-Aging

    This is a hot industry and we've got some high quality pages for you.

  • Mobile & Wireless

    Also a very popular industry - if you sell wireless or related services, you're covered.

  • Pre-Launch Pages

    It's always exciting during pre-launch phases and we've got many of them for you.

  • Social Media

    Many pages covering social media are your's to customize!

Start Generating More Sales and Leads for YOUR Business Today!

Choose from 3 Great Packages
Only $1 for first 7 Days!

For the newbie. Our full feature set. Voice and Text Msg. Follow-up!

Turnkey Funnels

  • Websites
  • Lead Capture Pages
  • Default Email Autoresponders
  • Site Stats
  • Contact Manager
  • Training

Also Includes:

  • SEO Friendly Blog
  • Mobile Site
  • Video Lead Capture Pages
  • Video Email
  • Ad Co-op Creation
  • Do-It-Yourself Lead Pages

Also Includes:

  • TotalTouchPro
  • Instant Voice Call to Prospects
  • Instant Text Messages to Prospects
  • Premium Lead Capture Pages
  • Mobile Marketing Funnels
  • Premium Mobile Marketing Center
Only $1 to Start! Only $1 to Start! Only $1 to Start!
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Website & Hosting
  You don't have to worry about hosting or anything overly complicated, we handle it all.

Video Tour
  Pre-made video tours and the ability to create your own video tours and more.

Tours/Sales Pages
  Proven sales copy is part of your system, created by leaders so you can plug in.

Lead Capture
  Generating leads - the center point of all online campaigns, we make it easy.

DIY Lead Capture
  You are in control of these pages and can create the exact page you wish.

  Unlimited blog pages means incredible opportunities to get unlimited FREE traffic.

Social Integration
  We make it simple to share your pages among your social networks.

Traffic Sources
  A huge list of high quality resources to buy targeted traffic at great rates.

SEO Meta Tags
  This is a fancy term for letting the search engines know what your pages are about.

Video Lead Capture
  Video is all the rage and we've got multiple video capture pages to use.

Video Email
  Upload your own videos and start sending video email to set yourself apart.

Site Stats
  We make it incredibly easy to see where your traffic is coming from and more.


Plus, You Get ALL of These Great Features!

Ad Tracking
  To be an effective marketer you've got to know what is working, this will tell you.

Split Testing
  To be even more effective, you can optimize and tweak to get the perfect page.

Ad Co-op
  This is how the big players get bigger, now everyone can create and launch co-ops.

Contact Manager
  One central place to manage all of your contacts - a very robust CRM tool.

Custom Themes
  Many pages will allow you to alter the colors, background textures and more.

Custom Pages
  Even more pages to build right on the system to make it how YOU want it.

Lead Alerts
  Every time a lead is generated from any of your pages, you'll get an email.

SMS Alerts
  You can also choose to receive these messages via text message.

Revisit Alerts
  Every time a previous lead returns to your website, we'll let you know about it!

Email Follow-up
  The fortune is in the follow-up and our automated emails will help immensely.

Email Broadcast
  Share announcements, news, events and more with targeted broadcasts.

Email Tracking
  Detailed stats on your emails and open and click tracking help you write better emails.




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This System Includes Tools for:
The 4-part Cycle of Success

1. Prospect   >   2. Present   >   3. Follow-up   >   4. Close

PROSPECT (Generate Interest/Leads)

We provide many tools to help you generate leads for your business, no matter what you sell.

Let's face it, if you're not generating leads, you're probably struggling in your business. You just don't have the right tools. Here's where we help.

We include proven Prospecting Tools such as:

Turnkey Lead Capture Pages
DIY & Video Lead Capture Pages
Instant Social Rewards Program
Opt-in Widget Email Forms
Easy Social Sharing and Social Capture

When you're generating lots of leads, life is much easier!


PRESENT (Let the System Do the Work)

Quality Presentations are available 24/7 to give the same enthusiastic pitch, time after time.

Your system is set-up to take your prospect through a tour, so that they get a full presentation, right at the time they've shown interest, this is key component of duplication in your organization.

Available types of tours include:

Product Information Tours
Business Opportunity Tours
Multi-Media and Video Tours
CALL TO ACTION (Buy/Enroll Now)!

Are you beginning to see the automation and how effective it can be?


FOLLOW-UP (Automatically & Manually)

The Fortune is in the Follow-up.

How many times have you heard that? It's still true! Technology makes this often cumbersone task, quick and painless, and best of all - automated.

Each visitor who fills out a form on any of your pages can be attached to a series of follow-up messages, called an Autoresponder Campaign - this is built right in!

Our system provides a way to customize these emails very easily. The more you follow-up, the more likely you are to make a sale and recruit a new distributor.

Our proprietary Prospect Scoring System calculates points for each prospect based on their automated activity and your manual follw-up activity. Get a prospect to 100 points and you virtually guarantee yourself a new sale or new recruit!

Automated Follow-up Emails to Prospects
Broadcast Emails for Special News
Social Media Follow-up
BLOG articles for SEO friendly follow-up
CALL TO ACTION (Buy/Enroll Now)!

Start putting technology to work for YOUR follow-up tasks.


CLOSE (Make a Sale / Sponsor a New Rep)

Your visitors are encouraged to TAKE ACTION NOW!

Naturally, this entire process needs to lead to moving products.

At all points in the online process your site visitors are encouraged to take action to buy your products or join your company.

Sell more PRODUCTS
Systems create DUPLICATION
DUPLICATION creates Sales Volume
More Sales Volume = BIGGER CHECKS!

Get Started Today - Instant Site Set-up!



Payment Details: We will begin your monthly subscription automatically when your trial expires, unless you cancel prior to this. If you wish to cancel, you must do so before this charge takes place. You may cancel at anytime in your backoffice and all future purchases will be stopped. We do not prorate or refund remaining time.

Refund Policy: We do not refund subscription payments for any reason other than an error on our part of the billing process or the time/date stamp on the cancellation is before the charge on the credit card. There is a convenient cancel link in your back office and we will honor the time and date stamp of this cancellation process as the final determining factor in any refund issue. Stopping your payments is a manual task by a human so if you cancel at 3am and your subscription is on autocharge for 6am that day, chances are good that the charge will hit your credit card before our customer service department can cancell your recurring billing - this is a case where we gladly refund the money because you cancelled before, not after the charge had taken place.



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